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High Limit Sports Betting India

High net-worth individuals in India, also known as 'VIPs' or 'High Rollers' need to know which Indian-friendly betting sites offer the highest betting limits.  Indian-friendly means they allow  Indian Rupee sports betting with direct Rupee deposits and account balances so that there are zero losses to currency exchange and fluctuation.  This is true of only one cricket betting site: .  There are a lot of betting sites available and I've researched over a dozen, but most do not accept the Indian Rupee directly and require currency exchange to the Pound, Euro or Dollar.  Others that do accept the Rupee don’t deal in limits as high as .

Why is betting in Rupees so important if you are betting high stakes?  Imagine losing 5% of your deposit to a currency exchange fee, then losing 5% to 10% if the currency fluctuates against you, then losing another 5% when you withdraw funds.  If you are depositing large amounts of money to stake your wagers, you could be losing a significant portion to these currency exchange issues.  Why not just select a sports betting partner that accepts your native currency?  

A lot of people get overly concerned with finding the best odds for a given match.  Does it really make sense to shop around for the best odds on a given match when you could be losing so much on currency exchange?  Think about the big picture.  The reality is that if you are Indian and a high roller, your options are limited at this point in time.  If you are really concerned with shopping for the best odds because as a high roller you have access to other international currencies popular with other highly reputable sportsbooks like the Pound, Euro, Canadian or US Dollar,  is still a great option because their odds are very competitive, their limits are high and they cater to the cricket bettor with action available on every match.  A lot of the super high limit betting services do not provide comprehensive action on cricket as they focus on American sports like the NBA and NFL or European sports like football.  

Online sportsbook sites can enforce their high limits in a number of ways through win limits or stake limits.  Each of these sites offers significant win limits.  For bets on matches in the biggest sports and leagues, we are talking about win limits per day in the hundred of thousands of Euros, or the equivalent in Rupees.

The best high limit sports betting sites for players in India